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EVC – Electronic Vessel Control – is Volvo Penta’s common electronic platform. Based on the same CAN-bus technology used in ships, planes and cars, EVC gives total integration. All the information is distributed on one CAN-bus backbone. This radically reduces the amount of wiring and connectors required, leading to much higher reliability and easier installation. Trip computer, engine data in a chart plotter, smart functionality, electronic shift and throttle. Built-in safety functions that protect the engine and give easier service. Volvo Penta’s reliable EVC system opens up a wealth of new opportunities!

Smart functions and options
EVC offers improved functionality as standard or option. Features that are impossible with standard systems and give you better safety, comfort and driving economy.

Active safety
EVC acts as your personal engineer, constantly supervising all important functions and taking precautionary measures if anything is wrong, always keeping you updated.

Top-class instruments
With EVC, the instruments precision and reliability are exceptional and installation is easy thanks to serial connections. Instruments can be installed at up to four different places in the boat.

Plan your driving
The trip computer function helps you plan your driving. “Instant fuel economy” lets you see exactly what a change in trim attitude or a little less throttle does to your mileage – and to reduce emissions.

Data in a plotter
EVC is compatible with the NMEA 2000 standard. This means that you can get engine data in a compatible chart plotter, fish finder, radar etc.


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